We respond to disclosures of sexual or domestic violence by showing up, supporting the victim, and providing a safe community. We meet victim-survivors where they are at in their healing process, establish their wants and needs, and grow from there. 

Currently, our Advocacy Coordinator is working with the local law enforcement to form a partnership. It is our goal to provide advocacy services for victims of sexual assault as soon as a report is taken. 


Twenty-nineteen showed us first hand the damage that many current criminal and civil statutes do to victims of sexual and domestic violence.  Survivor Strong will be working with state senators and representatives, as well as other non-profit organizations on statute reform. 

Survivor Strong is also currently working closely with US Representative Slotkin on Title IX protections and national legislation pertaining to sexual violence and education, as well as Michigan State Senator Hertel on consent education. 

Contact Survivor Strong for more information on our advocacy and direct support services: