Faith Coleman: A Revolution

A Revolution by Faith Coleman

Living for yourself is revolutionary.

Never again, will I be my own adversary!

I learned to heal and take peace in my process because,

placing one’s validation over my mental health undoes my progress. 

When you open a door, it may be locked.

If I tell you I’m not ready to speak, don’t be dismayed or shocked.

When I decide to tell you my story, it will mean that I’m ready.

Remember that I make the terms and conditions of dealing with my trauma. 

And no, it is not just me being a drama queen and starting more “drama.”

When I tell you my story, I hope you accept it with open ears. 

Voicing my pain, growth, and unlearning will probably come with some tears. 

When I acknowledged that I was hurt, but not broken

I started my own riot. 

I know my life will not be the same, 

But gone are the days of endless shame.

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