Feel-Good Meals: Velvety Potato Soup


3 lbs yellow potatoes

2 medium celery stalks

1 large yellow onion

2 large carrots

4 cloves of garlic

2 tbsp olive oil

1 can (13.5 oz) coconut milk

4 cups vegetable broth

1/2 tsp dried thyme

1/2 tsp dried rosemary

salt and pepper




cutting board

large pot



serving spoon

spoons and bowls

1) Prepare the vegetables 

Peel and dice the potatoes (separate into one .5 lb portion and one 2.5 lb portion), celery, onion, and carrots. Peel and mince the garlic. Focus on the task at hand and find comfort in the rhythm of your chopping. 

2) Sauté the vegetables

First, heat the olive oil in the large pot on medium high heat. Once hot, add onions and sauté for a minute or two; until slightly fragrant and translucent around the edges (stirring occasionally).

Next, toss in the carrots, garlic and celery and sauté for a couple more minutes, until the garlic gets fragrant the onions are almost completely translucent.

Last, toss the potatoes into the pot along with the dried spices. Keep sautéing vegetables until they all start to brown a little and the herbs get fragrant. Breathe in the smell of the delicious meal you are about to treat yourself to.

3) Stew the vegetables

Now that everything is smelling good, it’s time to add the broth. Pour all of the veggie broth in and bring to a boil. Keep the broth boiling for about 5 minutes and then turn the heat down. Keep the soup at a simmer, stirring it occasionally, until the carrots and potatoes are easily pierced with a fork. This will take between 10 and 20 minutes. Be mindful as you check on the vegetables and notice how they get softer with time. Revel in the little predictable details of life, remember that there are so many things you know for sure even when it feels like nothing is okay.

4) Now make it velvet

Once the vegetables are fully stewed, it’s time to blend. If you have an emersion blender, plug it in and go ahead and blend the veggies right there in the pot.If you are using a classic blender, blend about half of the soup at a time (to avoid a soup-explosion). Once it has been blended to your desired consistency (because you are the one in control) and returned to the pot, stir in the can of coconut milk. Watch the soup get smoother with each stir and meditate on everything changes and a lot of changes are for the better.

4) Simmer and serve

 Your soup is almost ready! Just let it simmer for about ten more minutes and then it’s time to serve! Enjoy this amazing meal that you created by yourself. Feed your body and your soul with yummy soup and a feeling of accomplishment.

(Wonderful when topped with green onions, chives, fresh parsley, roasted carrots, crispy roasted potatoes, or smoky tempeh bacon!)