The Survivor Closet

Since our doors opened two short years ago, we have accumulated an astonishing amount of donated new and gently used clothing. We have created a system that benefits not only the survivors we serve but the environment as well! We have applied the concept of upcycling to the closet resulting in our Stronger Together clothing line. All items in our first line have been stitched with a smile or painted with a purpose. The purpose is to transform old or unwanted clothing into beautiful one-of-a-kind pieces! Of course, not all items in The Survivor Closet have been altered in this way, so if it’s not your personal style don’t worry!

How does it work?

Survivors receive coupon codes every other month in our Survivor care packages. Coupon codes are available at any time and can  be used more than once! If you are interested in receiving coupons or you know a survivor with a specific clothing need,  send us an email at [email protected]

Clothes from the Survivor Closet are available to survivors of gender-based violence at absolutely no cost to them! Clothing can be a part of the healing journey through self-expression, reclamation of one’s bodily autonomy, and a step toward independence from harmful people.

The closet is not solely for survivors but for the general public as well! If you are interested in any of the items, your purchase will be processed as a donation to continue to success and growth of our current and future programs!