Memories Our Bodies hold

Memories Our Bodies Hold By Katlyn Lindstrom I have always had a contentious relationship with my body. It is what I have always chosen to punish for the pain of trauma, seeking control over a body, whose only fault was giving me a vessel in which to exist, through anorexia, obsessive exercise, occasional self-harm, abusive self-talk, and so many other angry… Continue reading Memories Our Bodies hold

Save Time, Money, and Yourself: Budgeting for Self-Care

Save Time, Money, and Yourself: Budgeting for Self-Care By Emma Grace Brown The idea of self-care conjures up activities that may come with a hefty price tag, from spa days and massages to mini-vacations. The advice from the publication Her Money cautions that self-care costs should comprise “about 5 percent of your budget, maximum,” but that also… Continue reading Save Time, Money, and Yourself: Budgeting for Self-Care

February is the month of (Self) Love

February Is the Month of (Self) Love By Mallory Corbin It’s that time of year—again—where we’re bombarded with ads for heart-shaped candies, plush teddy bears hugging heart-shaped pillows, heart-shaped boxes of chocolates, heart-shaped trinkets, heart-shaped everything touting heart-shaped sweet nothings and heart-shaped confessions. For all intents and purposes, February is heart-shaped. Yes, it’s true, February… Continue reading February is the month of (Self) Love

New Year, New Boundaries

New Year, New Boundaries By Lauren Randazzo New Year, New Boundaries We’re almost a month into 2021 and at this phase of the year, people often take time to reevaluate the goals or resolutions they’ve set for the new year. We’ve all heard the same resolutions played like a broken record. People want to get… Continue reading New Year, New Boundaries

Faith Coleman: A Revolution

A Revolution by Faith Coleman Living for yourself is revolutionary. Never again, will I be my own adversary! I learned to heal and take peace in my process because, placing one’s validation over my mental health undoes my progress.  When you open a door, it may be locked. If I tell you I’m not ready to speak,… Continue reading Faith Coleman: A Revolution

Natural vs Synthetic Happiness

Contributor: Morgan McCaul Due to a series of unfortunate events earlier this spring, I was forced to voraciously watch TED Talks on March 17, 2020. It was a particularly painful process for me, as I harbor dread for the kinds of ‘constant optimization’ narratives and undertones that serve as the hallmark of TEDx. A bald, wrinkly,… Continue reading Natural vs Synthetic Happiness

Social Distancing… But How Distant Are We?

By Casey Sterle In just a few short weeks our world has changed drastically. Days that would have been spent at the office––chatting with other people, sharing jokes and snacks over meetings––and nights at the crowded bar––playing pool and darts––have been replaced by this new thing we call social distancing.   If someone had asked… Continue reading Social Distancing… But How Distant Are We?

Tackling #SAAM With Grace

SAAM 2020 Today marks the 19th anniversary of Sexual Assault Awareness Month, and with it a plethora of opportunities to raise awareness about and demonstrate support for survivors of gender-based violence in your community. Teal ribbons, town halls, and infographics abound. Here at Survivor Strong, we’re doing #SAAM a little differently. The thing about being… Continue reading Tackling #SAAM With Grace